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Standardization of medicinal herbal means of hemostatic action

Ma‘lumot darajasi: Oliy ta‘lim
Tur: Magistrlik dissertatsiyasi
Tavsif: The relevance of the topic. Subtracted extracts from the plants and the medicines based on their derivatives are giving wide range of treatment options in various diseases. Reserves are sufficient local raw materials like like Calendula, Urtica dioica, Polygonum hydropiper, Persicaria hydropiper, are used in folk medicine to treat various diseases from ancient times. In scientific medicine medications in this content used for as an agent to stop bleeding. It is known that majority of the hemostatic medicines are prepared from synthetic substances, therefore along with the therapeutic effect they have side effects.
Til: Ingliz tilida
Nashr etilgan yili: Ilmiy-ta'limiy
UDK raqami: 2018