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Сharacteristics of bacteriostatic action of drugs from plants

Muallif: Nuralieva Kh.O. Nurmukhamedov A.A., Boltaeva K.Sh., Shakirova D.N.
Ma‘lumot darajasi: Oliy ta‘lim
Tur: Maqola
Tavsif: The aim of the study was to study and evaluate the bacteriostatic and / or bactericidal action of various medicinal fees from plants. It was established that the extracts of the collections had a noticeable bacteriostatic action against gram-negative bacteria, grampositive cocci and microscopic fungi. It was revealed that almost all the studied fees equally suppressed the growth of S. epidermidis, E. faecalis and C. albicans. The most resistant microorganisms on the effect of the studied extracts of the collections were S.aureus and S.saprophyticus.
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